Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a painless and, in general, safe method of change of the color of teeth chemically. The procedure, according also to the Ministry of Health, is clearly a dental practice and must be performed only under the supervision of a dentist, with the use of approved and certified preparations and a certified protocol. Tooth whitening aims at changing the color only of the natural teeth and is performed with various methods. The most popular, safe, predictable and effective method is the so-called combined method, according to which the principal procedure is performed at the dental surgery with the use of a special plasma light transmitter (whitening lamp), which activates a gel that is placed on the teeth and which, in turn, by penetrating to their internal structure, breaks down their chromogenic substances. The session at the dental surgery lasts approximately 45 minutes. Personalized splints – with the proper gel – are additionally provided to the patient, which must be used during the night, for approximately a week. The result is a whiter appearance of the teeth and a more beautiful smile. The fillings and the crowns (caps) consist restrictions of the whitening, since their color cannot change with the method of tooth whitening. During the treatment it is recommended to avoid foods and habits that contain colorants, such as smoking, coffee, tea and red whine.
Initial and final image before and after whitening with the Whitesmile lamp
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